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Customized Drug Program Administration
Third Party Drug Testing Services for DOT Compliance  

Looking for reliable screening services to take over your organization’s drug program administration responsibilities? National Screening Centers is the ideal choice. Years of experience with third party drug program administration for diverse companies enable us to offers unparalleled services at competitive rates.

We can help:
  • Develop an individualized program  
  • Implement it
  • Manage all alcohol and drug screening including random and background checks and emergency testing
  • Provide training services 
  • Offer expert consulting for DOT compliance

Drug program administration is an important part of the employee hiring process as well as ensuring that substance abuse doesn’t become a workplace liability. Random checks reduce risk by quickly identifying problems and can also serve as a deterrent to such behavior.

Additionally, DOT requires that all employers, safety-sensitive transportation employees and service agents in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries undergo alcohol and drug testing. They also have rules on who must conduct drug and alcohol tests, and how.

With us overseeing your drug program administration you can rest easy knowing that you can meet their exact requirements and reduce risk for your company.

Call 713-226-7847 for customized drug program administration and DOT compliance in Houston, Texas. Or e-mail us at <e-mail address> to learn more.

Drug Program Administration to Reduce Health and Safety Issues

Healthy employees are not only more productive but they also reduce workplace liabilities. Substance abuse is a growing concern for employers and affected employees may be inclined to drink or use drugs while at work. Drug and alcohol testing offers a proactive approach to the problem.

National Screening Center follows a well-defined process for drug program administration
  • We will design a program to suit the specific needs of your business
  • Conduct random tests selecting any employee for testing at any time
  • Ensure specimen delivery to the lab by 3.30 a.m. the next day through our nationwide courier system
  • Fax results to your company that are routinely reported within 18 hours of pick up
  • Pick up the charge for all supplies, chain of custody forms and courier services
  • Provide conclusive results that withstand legal challenges (legal support) through approved testing procedures, a strict chain of custody and maximum privacy protection

National Screening Center prides itself on personalized service. As part of the drug administration program each client is provided with a dedicated management team consisting of an account manager, senior client service representative and client service representative. They are responsible for setup and daily operation. We even stay with an individual whose onsite tests yields positive results till a company official arrives.

All specimen takers and labs are certified to perform drug testing and/or alcohol testing. Our network of 3,500 offices ensures that volume is never a problem.

Contact us for certified drug program administration services that cater to your unique business needs.