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Get detailed & Affordable Private DNA Paternity Testing Service

Accurate and Affordable DNA Testing Services
Convenient Paternity Testing at the Office, Home, or Mobile Collector

Looking for reliable DNA testing services? The network of National Screening Centers locations utilizes the best labs in the country to deliver quick and accurate results. We provide the peace of mind that our clients are looking for because our DNA and paternity testing is legally conclusive. You can have a definitive answer in just seven to ten days. Moreover, samples can be collected anywhere, in our office or yours, at home or by a mobile collector.

What do our DNA testing services include?
  • DNA paternity testing – (prenatal paternity testing option is also available)during a divorce settlement, for child custody and child support issues as well as determining medical history and identity of legal parent or when adopted children are looking for their biological parents
  • Relationship DNA testing – (eliminates the need to exhume remains)for estate planning and related inheritance issues
  • Immigration DNA testing – to establish biological relationships (parents, children and/or siblings)for government and immigration authorities
  • Infidelity DNA testing – to confirm suspicions or provide legal support for separation and divorce proceedings
  • Child Safety Identification (CSI) testing – to be prepared (and speed up proceedings) in case the unthinkable happens, like when a child is missing

National Screening Centers are your specialist DNA testing providers. Our test process examines each DNA sample more than 10 times. It is completely confidential and we only release information to authorized parties. You won’t find a more accurate way to determine an individual’s true identity.

Call 713-226-7847 to schedule DNA and paternity testing. Or e-mail us at <e-mail address> for more information.

Get DNA and Paternity Testing at a Certified Screening Center

DNA and paternity testing is a specialized service, the results of which have a major impact on more than one life. An established lab follows approved procedures to maintain maximum accuracy. The National Screening Centers have years of industry experience and exercise every bit of caution both with the testing procedure and results. That’s why we insist on providing our customers with the best labs and service.

What are the advantages of our DNA testing services?
  • We have a network of 3,500 offices to provide quick and efficient service
  • You don’t have to come to us; we can come to your home or office
  • There is no test we cannot do and volume is not a problem for us
  • We employ the strictest security measures 24/7
  • We will never release a report to anyone not authorized by you
  • We only use federally qualified sample takers
  • Our results are legally conclusive which means they are admissible in court
  • Affordable rates and the best quality of service

Whether it is for DNA testing, paternity testing, adrug and alcohol testing, poison testing or third party administration, you can count on National Screening Center for a quick and accurate results.

Contact us for DNA and paternity testing advice, or information about the process and pricing.