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Get reliable Alcohol & Drug testing Services & Facilities

Hassle-Free Drug and Alcohol Testing Services
Quick Hair Testing for Random and Background Checks

Need qualified drug and alcohol testing for background checks (or random protocols)? The National Screening Centers follow the strictest standards in sample collection and test procedures to ensure maximum accuracy of results.

Companies rely on us for fast and accurate alcohol and drug screening for current and prospective employees.  Large organizations like Exxon-Mobile, Houston Chronicle, Brown Hand Center, legal services and court houses are just a few of our clients.

We work with some of the best labs in the county and can handle any volume. A vast network of 3,500 offices efficiently covers the needs of commercial and private clients.

Our advanced drug and alcohol testing services include:
  • Background checks
  • Random drug screens
  • Drug/alcohol screening after an incident
  • Emergency testing
  • Court orders for screening / testing
  • Screening at job fairs
  • Drug testing for teens and those recovering from substance abuse
  • Drug program administration

We aim to provide the latest and most effective drug and alcohol testing facilities. Hair tests, for instance, are the only drug testing method that provide up to 90-day detection of substance abuse which is ideal for random or background checks. Our lab-based test employs an FDA-cleared testing system for easy specimen collection with reduced risk of adulteration. Negative results are reported within two hours and positives are confirmed within 48 to 72 hours. When compared to urine specimen testing, it provides nearly twice the number of positives and a longer detection window.

Call 713-226-7847 for expert drug and alcohol testing advice. Or e-mail us at <e-mail address> to learn more.

Hire the Right Employees with Accurate Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employing an individual with substance abuse issues is risky business. It compromises workplace safety not just for the person involved but co-workers, clients and visitors as well. Accurate drug and alcohol testing from a recognized service like National Screening Centers will help minimize risk.

Why us our services for background checks that require drug and alcohol testing?
  • We maintain strict chain of custody to withstand legal challenges, protect privacy and rights of tested individuals
  • Deliver quick and accurate results (routinely reported within 18 hours of pick up to our center and faxed immediately to you) irrespective of order volume
  • Only deploy certified sample takers to preserve integrity of process
  • Work with labs that are approved (with Quest Diagnostics licenses,  NIDA approved, FDA approved, SAMSHA, CLIA and CAP certifications) and have a reputation for top quality work
  • Supplies, custody forms and courier charges are on us - We don’t charge high prices for our first-class service and we will even stay with the subject whose onsite tests are positive till a company official arrives
  • There is no extra charge for onsite testing when scheduled at least two days in advance.

Drug testing or alcohol testing identifies health and safety risk issues. Timely intervention can prevent serious accidents, personal injury, property damage and unnecessary downtime.

Contact National Screening Centers for conclusive drug and alcohol testing services.